Clariphonic Parallel

Clariphonic Parallel Equalizer

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Out front, an unorthodox array of 12 switches and 4 knobs invites the operator to explore and experiment with all the possible combinations using a creative right-brain aesthetic. Inside, a fiendishly minimal mastering grade signal path with meticulously chosen components (such as capacitors by Wima and Panasonic) yield a sound that is extremely clear and focused. Four frequency-bending engines work in parallel with both of your full-range signals, and all six paths are blended inside an onboard mix buss with nearly unmeasurable phase distortion.

The effect of this unique internal architecture is a form of equalization that is nearly holographic in effect and impossible to get wrong. You will have detail, presence, and focus in spades. The only danger is doing too much... the Clariphonic is truly an addictive flavor. Consider yourself warned...


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