Larrivee Baker T Classic

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Vintage Tele Shape (Digitized from an original 1953 Blackguard)

Average total Guitar Weight 6-7lbs

Single Piece Ultra-Light Swamp Ash Body

Rock Maple Neck (Slim-C shape, Approx. Thickness: First Fret 0.825” - 12th Fret 0.875”)

Indian Rosewood Fretboard ( 1 & 11/16 nut)

Curved Forearm / Belly Cuts

Polished Stainless Steel Larrivee Bridge (Made In America)

Compensated Large Barrel Brass Larrivee Saddles (Made in America)

American Made Pickups (Made in house by Matthew Larrivee & Team)
                - Yarn Wrapped Alnico 5 Large pole Bridge, potted to prevent feedback
                - Custom Alnico 6 Neck Pickup potted w/ Nickel Silver Cover
                - Pickups Connected RWRP for humbucking when played in center switch position

                - Pickups wound with Vintage 43 Gauge Plain Enamel

                - Cloth Pushback wire leads

Custom Stainless Steel Polished Control Plate

                - Volume knob moved further from switch to allow easier switching between pickups

Stainless Steel Extra Thick Neck Plate

Stainless Steel Threaded Neck Inserts / Stainless Steel Neck Screws

Top Notch Electronics
                - Traditional CRL 3-Way Switch
                - Custom Bournes Potentiometers
                               - Volume Pot: Bourns “Low-Drag” 250 Audio Taper Pot
                                - Tone Pot: Bourns “Low-Drag” 300k Linear Taper Pot.
                - Vintage Paper-in-oil Capacitor (0.047uf)
                - Puretone Jack w/ 4 contact points mounted in a Electrosocket Jack mount.

                - “50’s Style” wiring

Dual action truss rod w/ Spoke nut adjust (no need to remove string tension to adjust)

Nickel Silver Medium Fret wire

Genuine Mother of Pearl Fret Markers

Genuine High-density Bone nut

Multi-ply beveled pickguard (white or black depending on body color)

CNC Cut Neck pocket (1950’s Deep Pocket) with neck angle for a perfect fit and string height

High End Gotoh SDS-510 Tuners w/ CARD System

World Class finishes
                - Ultra slick “Fast” Neck w/ hand rubbed satin finish
                - Hand sprayed Ultra-High Sheen Gloss Pure Acrylic Body
                - Headstock Painted w/ Body matching color

Hard Shell Rectangular Case (Made in Canada)

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