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J. Rockett Pedals Chicken Soup

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The Rockett Pedals Chicken Soup Overdrive is a simple, yet highly musical and harmonically rich overdrive pedal that will instantly appeal to Nashville players of all styles and eras. The Chicken Soup Overdrive can do everything from some subtle and not-so-subtle grit and dirt, all the way to some compressed and scorching lead tones. The controls are very intuitive. Volume knob controls the amount of signal, the Gain controls the amount of overdrive, and the Tone knob adjusts the high and low frequencies. Very simple, but very effective. Crank the volume up, turn down the gain and get some rich and gritty country lead tones. But if you crank that Gain, then get some real rockin' overdrive tones that can be colored with the adjustment of the Tone knob. This is a fantastic pedal just to plug into and set everything at 12:00. You'll be immediately satisfied with some awesome overdrive and grit. This works exceptionally well with Strats and Teles obviously, but you'll be pleasantly surprised with how the Rockett Pedals Chicken Soup Overdrive works with humbuckers too.

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