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J. Rockett Pedals Flex-Drive

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The Rockett Pedals Flex Drive brings some real dynamics and flexibility to your overdrive sound.  The new decade is all about increasing the amount of overdrive tones at your disposal, and with this amazing box from Rockett Pedals, you can have a multitude of overdrive tones at your command.  This is a pedal for players who truly enjoy tweaking their sounds and finding that overdrive crunch that swirls and sustains in their brain.  This is a very dynamic pedal, and with the variety of tones available, it can sit comfortably in any combination of amplifier and guitar.  The main control knobs are the same as many overdrive pedals: volume, gain to control the amount of overdrive, and a tone knob.  The key is the mini toggle switches.  The Rockett Pedals Flex Drive has a 3 way clip switch, a 3 way treble switch, and a 2 way fat switch.  The clipping switch controls different diodes for different clipping capabilities, or a center position that takes out all diodes, and is ideal for clean boosts.  The 3 way treble switch allows you to customize the high voicings in your overdrive signal, with the middle position offering no treble cut, and the up and down positions offering two different treble cut values.  The fat switch beefs up the tone considerably, and can also be turned off when switched to the right.  All of these features deliver an utterly dynamic and versatile overdrive.  All these bells and whistles wouldn’t mean a thing unless the Rockett Pedals Flex Drive delivers some serious tone.  And it does.  Go from real Malcolm crunch and swagger to VH solo lead heaven.  With the clean boost functions and some of the milder dirty settings, this pedal can also give you sweet blues tones and hot country licks, to boot.  A remarkable overdrive pedal, the Rockett Pedals Flex Drive is just that, a highly flexible and versatile tool for studio and stage.

Other Details
Width: 10.00 (in)
Height 8.00 (in)
Depth 8.00 (in)
Brand J. Rockett Audio Designs


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