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JHS Pedals Double Barrel Dual Overdrive

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The right side is our take on the classic TS808 with improvements like a more usable tone control, more focused lows, better presence and warmer clipping. We also added with “Version 3” a three way gain switch to choose between saturated/boost/crunch. The left side is our own “Morning Glory”. Transparent, discreet and open are what lurk inside this circuit. 

 When these two circuits are stacked, something magic happens. Tones that are original and fresh come with ease as well as added flexibility due to the “order switching” toggle that lets you decide what pedal comes first.

 We are convinced that this is one of the greatest 2 in 1 pedals ever made... Seriously.

If your having problems getting the tones you wan’t, just snatch the Double Barrel and see what happens!

Other Details
Width: 10.00 (in)
Height 10.00 (in)
Depth 8.00 (in)
Brand JHS Pedals


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