Little Walter Tube Amps

Little Walter Tube Amps 50

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The original Little Walter amp that defined the premise of "Keep it simple and full of Tone"

The standard model 50 has an octal preamp tube and a phase inverter tube and utilizes a pair of 6L6 power tubes. The AC to DC rectification is handled by a 5U4 tube. Single Volume and Tone control allow for the unobstructed transparent tonality.

The standard 50W model is known for it's clean head room. It doesn't exhibit much breakup but gains a bit of “hair” in the upper volume range.

This amp was designed to provide a wide, fat, clean foundation for the musician to build on.


  • 6SC7 Preamp
  • 6SL7 Phase Inverter
  • 6L6 or 6550 Power Tubes
  • 5U4 Rectifier


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