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Matchless Amplifiers Lightning Reverb 1X12 Combo

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Matchless Amplifiers  Lightning Reverb 1X12 Combo

The Lightning’s interactive tone controls influence each other in a very dynamic way and pull each other’s range and reach up and down. Actual tonal possibilities are very extensive and it produces loud output volumes not normally associated with a 15 watt rating.

The Pro-grade single channel preamp with its interactive tone controls is coupled to a serious dual-EL84 power section with a tube rectifier. All models have active EQ to attain an excellent array of complex tones. User controls include Volume, Interactive Bass & Treble, and Master Volume.

Other Details
Width: 28.00 (in)
Height 21.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
Brand Matchless Amplifiers


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