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Matchless Amplifiers SC Mini

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Based on Channel 2 of the larger Matchless C-30 Series, the SC Mini has an EF86 driven pre-amp with a 6 position rotary tone switch. Also, like the C-30, the output section is powered by the EL84 power tube however, the SC Mini has a single ended output transformer using only one EL84/6BQ5 tube, thus making the SC Mini a true “Class A” amplifier.

With a 5AR4/GZ34 tube rectifier, one EL84, one EF86, and one 12AX7 the SC-Mini has the same classic tone and feel as the C-30 industry standard, simply scaled down in size and volume.

Features: Volume, 6 Position Rotary Tone Switch, Cut Control, and Master Volume.

12” Celestion Heritage G12H30 8 Ohm Speaker (75 Hz) made in the U.K.

SC-Mini 12” Speaker combo Dimensions: W 18” / H 17.25” / D 9.50”


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