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Port City Amps Merino Combo

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The Port City Merino -  Tweed never sounded so good.

This 10-watt tube amplifier recalls the tweed-style tones of the past, providing a versatile platform for a wide variety of playing styles. This small combo is cleaner at high volumes than any tweed-style amp we have ever heard, yet once it reaches the threshold of overdrive, it has more drive than any similar style amp. Simply put, this small 10-watt combo will rival most amps with with twice the power, while sounding both familiar and tastefully unique. With a very useful and simple set of volume and tone controls, your ideal sound can be achieved in seconds, allowing you to get back to playing music. 

Our recommended speaker for the Merino is the WGS G12C. If you are interested in other options or are unsure of which speaker would be best for you, please contact us with details about your setup and playing style so we can recommend the speaker that would best suit your needs. 

The Port City Merino features:

  • Master Tone Control
  • 2 – EH 6V6GT power tubes
  • 3 – JJ ECC83 preamp tubes
  • 5Y3 Rectifier Tube
  • USA Heyboer Transformers
  • 10 watt output    
  • 8 Ohm Impedance
  • Weight: 39 lbs
Other Details
Width: 23.00 (in)
Height 20.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
Brand Port City


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